Should I Sell My House to a Home Investor?

If you have decided to sell your home, you have two options: listing and selling your property the traditional way with the help of a real estate agent or selling your property to a home investor or cash buyer. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages that need to be taken into consideration. In this article, we are going to talk about the top reasons for selling your home to a home investor.

Home Investors Pay You Cash

One of the main advantages of selling your property to a home investor is that they purchase properties for cash. This method is perfect for those homeowners who need money immediately for any reason (paying off debts, relocation, expensive treatment, etc.). A cash sale is the fastest way for homeowners to get money.

Home Investors Purchase Properties As-Is

Selling a home the traditional way is a hard and time-consuming process for many homeowners because of difficult and expensive repairs. Moreover, some repairs and renovations can take months to complete. Since homeowners are usually not experienced in performing repairs, they may lose thousands of dollars in the process. And if they are out-of-state homeowners, fixing their properties is nearly impossible. Fortunately, it is possible to avoid this nightmare by selling your home to a Chattanooga home investor, who buys homes as-is. That means they do not ask you to perform any repairs or even cleaning. This makes the home-selling process much less stressful and more straightforward for homeowners.

No Real Estate Commissions

Usually, realtors charge around 6% in fees and commission to sell a home. If you are selling your home for $300,000, you will have to pay about $18,000 to the realtor. However, you can keep this money and spend it on something else if you decide to sell your property to a home investor instead. Home investors do not charge commissions and do not have any fees.

The Closings Are Fast

Traditional sales with the help of a real estate agent can take months to close, even if you find a buyer fast. Homeowners have to wait for home inspections, appraisals, and financing approval. Home investors are able to close within two weeks without any stressful procedures or hassles. They provide a home seller with a fast cash offer immediately, which they can either accept or decline right away.

You Can Stay in Your House Longer

In most cases, realtors ask homeowners to move out their homes so that repairs can be completed and the house can be prepared for viewings. If you sell your home to a home investor, you do not have to move out of it before you sell it. It is very convenient because you will have enough time to find another place to live and move your stuff. A home investor may even allow you to stay a few days after the sale is completed.

It Is a Good Way to Avoid Foreclosure

Are you behind on your mortgage payments? Have you started receiving foreclosure notices? If so, selling your home to a Chattanooga home investor may be a great solution for you. Most home investors know how to deal with foreclosed properties and are able to take over your mortgage. With the help of a home investor, you can sell your property fast and avoid foreclosure — the most devastating thing for any homeowner.

Sell Your Home Fast to We Buy Houses Chattanooga

Selling your home to a home investor for cash is a great option for a hassle-free and fast sale. If you own a home in Chattanooga that you need to sell as quickly as possible, We Buy Houses Chattanooga is ready to help. Our mission is to make the home-selling process as easy and straightforward for our clients as possible. We buy homes in any condition and under any circumstances. There is no need for you to perform any repairs or even cleaning. We will purchase your home as-is. If you have any questions about our company or the home-selling process, feel free to check out our website or give us a call.